Sunday, 28 September 2014

Submission Update

Okay, so...slight delay in sending out the manuscript. Got bogged down in obsessively rewriting the opening paragraph. Letting go is so hard!  Anyway, job done, it has finally gone. No turning back now!

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Ready for Rejection

Completed, polished manuscript. Check.
Brief synopsis. Check.
Covering letter. Check.

Ready for Rejection? Um...

Here goes then. It's time to release my manuscript into the wild. Too long has it spent in captivity, nurtured by my gentle hand...Oh get on with it!

So, I have selected an Agent and I will send my covering letter, synopsis and first three chapters, and then sit back and wait. I've grown my fingernails long in preparation. They will be nibbled to the quick in no time. Will the six weeks response time drag, or will it fly by?

Over the coming weeks and months I will keep a (b)log of  the developments as my manuscript finally fends for itself in the big, wide world...

Fingers crossed!