Monday, 2 May 2011


How can it be May already? I started this blogspot just before Christmas, the week the snow came (and kept coming), and now it's May 2nd, there's blossom in the trees, frogs mating in the pond, and in nineteen day's time i'm getting married!

Big news, well not for me - I've known for some time now - but for anyone who didn't know.  It's exciting, really exciting, and i just wanted to share it with you, just this once.  And maybe I'll post a couple of pictures after the Honeymoon, but that's it, i promise!

And time, time is eating away at Amy, though she doesn't realise it, trapped in her own past with nothing to do but see what things could have been like.  I've given her a sweet shop (a metaphorical one) and she's determined to try one of everything before it closes.  But surely that will have its consequences...oh yes!

And Mr Roberts, stranded in a foreign land in a time gone by but still determined to find a cure for his son, a determination that will lead to...a great big spoiler, so i'm not going to say anymore.

I'm concious that the end of May was my (second) target for completing the second draft, and i'm currently just over half way through.  What i'm most afraid of is the process dragging on for too long.  I don't want to rush this second draft, but i do now need to focus in and set aside some time every day, something that has fallen by the wayside this last month.

In other news a big thank you to the three people who have bought a copy of 'You Were a Rose' via Kindle, and thank you for your very kind and encouraging comments.  If you have time, i would be most grateful for a brief review on Amazon.


  1. Good luck with the wedding.Try to stand back and take it all in because it will all go in the blink of an eye.Don`t do what i did and drink abit too much so the reception really was a bit of a blur ;)

  2. I bought 'You Were A Rose' and enjoyed it very much. I loved the second person voice and I found that it kept me hooked because I wondered just where the story was going! A great technique and a compelling short story, which is a great taster of your writing skills. I'd be happy to add a quick review some time

  3. Dude,

    how goes it? Not spoken for a long time, not since Butts Ash Lane. Look me up on the same number I always had or find me on facebook.

    Nathan Hall