Saturday, 29 October 2011

Happy Hallowe'en

Time once again to share the scare as Hallowe'en is upon us!

...and that's exactly what Neil Gaiman is proposing with his new initiative, All Hallow's Read.  He wants to start a tradition of giving away a scary book to someone at Hallowe'en.  Get the full details here:

All Hallow's Read

...and in the spirit of that I thought I'd treat you all to a painful slice of Horror flash fiction...

One of Four

I am one of four shadows that watch you.  I am there in the dark.  In the corner of your eye.  You pretend that I do not exist.  But I am here. 

We all are.  The breath on your neck.  The slightest parting of your hair.  The flicker of movement.  The briefest sound. 

Listen!  Did you hear?  The other three are content to watch, but I want more.  I want what you have.  Life and light.  I am on the move, reaching out of the dark, out towards you and…

Yes!  That’s right.  Stand up.  Now you see me.  Don’t look away.  The moment you do, you’re mine.  I am swift and I am vapour.  Our physics match.  There is no escape.  So sit back down. 

Sit right there and pray.  Frozen.  Fearful.  Waiting for my next move.  The clock ticks on…

When it stops you’ll be gone. Tick, tick, tick, stop…

And you are one of the shadows now.  One of four.  The darkness in the corner of my eye.

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