Saturday, 26 March 2011

Progress Report

I'm approaching the half-way mark.  I'm just drafting an outline for chapter twelve, the end of which marks half-way in terms of word count.

Some of the chapters have been a hard slog; others have only required a little tweak - a bit of tidying up, better, more convincing dialogue, clearer descriptions.

The story is following two main threads; Amy's attempts to lead a more interesting life, and her History teacher, Mr Roberts' desperate struggle to find a cure for his son.  Mr Roberts' story is progressing well.  I like the direction his character is taking, there is some dark stuff here, and he's about to be introduced to the 'Big Bad' of the story.  Amy on the other hand is making me work hard.  Her character is complex.  I'm trying to take a girl who has spent most of her childhood in the shadows, avoiding conflict, holding back her potential, and shape her into a bold character who is ready to question everything and grab life by the horns.  She should just explode out of the page - all that pent up frustration, all that trapped energy, all that lost time to make up for should be spilling out.  But it's not quite happening yet.  Perhaps I'm still holding her back.  Perhaps i don't quite understand her yet.  Perhaps I'm making her a slave to the plot.  Well stuff that.  It's time for Amy to rise and break free from my mind.  It's time for her to breath on her own, to write the story that she wants to tell.  It's time to make me her slave!

I feel better already.  Chapter twelve is Amy's chapter and will see some real development of her character as she faces a series of challenges.  She'll grow, she'll learn, she'll see the world in a completely different light.

Blogging can be so therapeutic.

On a separate note, I'd like to thank everyone who has chosen to follow my blog, and for your comments and feedback.  I'm looking forward to the time when i will be ready to submit my manuscript to Agents, so that i can feedback to you my experiences - good or bad!

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