Saturday, 26 March 2011

Short Story Competition

Cambridge Wordfest highlights a Short Story competition running from March 28th to April 1st.  Each day of that week the website will display an inspirational picture, such as the one above.  Entrants are asked to write a microfiction piece of no more than 100 words that has some link with the picture.

Full details of the competition are available from the website

Definitely worth a pop!


  1. I am interested in your novel writing. I have just started a blog aiming to give heart to all struggling authors with aspirations. I have been writing for 50 years concentrating mainly on non fiction but writing 12 novels in between.
    I have considerable experience in publishing books and articles about my hobbies and how this has taught me to useful lessons for writing novels. Only recently have I seriously - almost too late!- tried to market my novels. With one published and others ready to go, I'm blogging in the hope of attracting other writers and a possible publisher.
    For the time being anyone can contact me on
    I look forward to a fruitful exchange of helpful ideas from any writer.
    Good luck, Beryl

  2. Sorry, I'm so new to blogging and still under tuition. Correct contact should read
    Eventually I'll be linked to my son's domain when he's home as he's had to find a job in Belgium.
    100 word stories are challenging but great fun. I won a first in a Sussex competition a few years ago.