Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Editing Tools

Here are ten things you need when editing (this is not an exhaustive list!):

  1. A nice pen - mine's a Sheaffer - for making notes.
  2. A red pen - Bic medium - for marking changes.
  3. Post-it notes for marking places in the manuscript / annotations.
  4. Index cards for chapter synopses / plot points.  These can be easily shuffled for better flow of story.
  5. A small leather journal for capturing editing ideas on the move.  Best used with Sheaffer pen.
  6. Glasses - if you need them!
  7. Time.  Plenty of protected time away from any distractions e.g. Blogs!
  8. Water.  I keep mine chilled in a little fridge under my desk.
  9. Tea and Coffee.  I tend to alternate depending on mood or desired outcome.  Coffee for a serious burst of writing.  Tea for slower contemplation.
  10. Dictionary / Thesaurus / Spell check (3 for the price of 1!)
  11. A Brucie bonus for when you get to the end - the very end, mind - a Schimmelpennick cigar.  Smoke it or simply hold it in your mouth.  Whatever you go for, know that you deserve it.

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