Thursday, 18 April 2013

I'm Back!

Well I never actually went away.  I haven't been exploring the Bolivian Jungle.  I haven't joined a secret sect.  No, I've simply fallen into the work trap.  Much like a Venus Fly Trap, it's sticky sweet surface coaxes you in and before you realise anything is wrong it's taken a hold of you, and the more you fight against it the deeper it pulls you in.

That said, I've not succumbed fully.  The words have been flowing through my fingertips and onto the screen at a steady rate.  I have completed ninety thousand words since my last post way back at the beginning of 2012.  Unfortunately something had to give, and it was the blog that felt the cruel, cold blade of the "stealing back some time" axe.

However, it seems that despite the long absence this blog is still receiving interest and the occasional comment.  Thank you.  For that reason I will endeavour to keep up a weekly correspondance.  I'll bring publishing news, matters of interest, personal writing updates, whatever streams past and catches the eye.

Work, write, blog!  Maybe it is possible to do all three. 

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