Saturday, 20 April 2013

The Editing Begins

So here it is.  A completed first draft.  A thing of beauty and weight.  A tangible slab of effort and evenings and week-ends, formed from layers of crisp white paper and black ink.  Ninety-thousand words sweated through pores, wrung from brain cells, forcibly extracted...okay so sounds like it was a real hardship, but on reflection, well...yeah, it was a hardship.  But it's done.  And boy does it feel great to hold. The difference between something on screen and something in your hand, the virtual and the real, is exciting.  My work has three dimensions (physically - let's hope it has three dimensions emotionally!)

The Editing begins.  I've had an initial read through and I still feel positive.  Over the next few days or weeks, or however long it takes I'll start to edit for plot and consistency and make sure that the story is in the right order and that it makes good sense.  That's my first target.  Here goes...


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